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I have studied and practiced yoga, mindful movement, meditation and stillness for over fifteen years. I have trained in depth in alignment-based vinyasa, hatha yoga, restorative yoga, therapeutic yoga, meditation, qi gong, and Fighting Monkey.
In my teaching, I bring the wisdom of the lineages of all my teachers, past and present, as well as the discoveries I made in my own practice. I teach group classes, one-on-ones, teacher trainings, immersions, workshops and retreats. My primary goal is to teach nourishing and stillness practices that keep my students curious, strong, flexible, and kind, throughout the arcs of life.


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I work privately with people of all ages and abilities, and I meet my students where they’re at. In one-on-one work, we get deeper into movement analysis. By doing so, we can understand structural and muscular habits, weaknesses and over-compensation patterns that may cause current pain, amplify injuries, or lead to a future injury. Together, we create practices that are dynamic, restful and nourishing for the whole self.


I am an advanced teacher and practitioner of Restorative Yoga. I regularly teach group classes and have trained hundreds of teachers and students in the ways of Restorative Yoga through my immersions and trainings.

What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is the art of resting well. Through skillful organization of bolsters, blankets, yoga blocks, sand bags, and yoga straps, Restorative Yoga poses support the body to cultivate states of ease and relaxation. Restorative yoga is a powerful and necessary antidote in a society that rarely really rests. We tend to measure self worth through busy-ness and prioritize productivity over self care.

We have collectively deprioritized and abandoned practices that cultivate rest. Scrolling social media and watching videos on the couch is not rest. To rest is to cease movement, relax into the “now” and feel fully supported. The rest that Restorative Yoga cultivates is a deep surrender into the moment, a release of the whole self. This surrender allows you to perfect the doing of undoing. Restorative Yoga requires ambition – ambition to not have an agenda, preferably for an hour or more.

In technical terms, Restorative Yoga is the art and science of persuading the nervous system into states of parasympathetic dominance – cycling the relaxation response to stimulate the vagus nerve as it weaves through all vital systems of your body. Parasympathetic dominance brought on by Restorative Yoga can feed and nourish the vital organs with blood flow, balance hormones, soothe anxiety, and lower heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar. There are so many wholesome benefits to be gained from “not doing.” No pharmaceutical drug can claim all these benefits. And unlike pharmaceuticals, Restorative Yoga has no adverse side effects.

Restorative Yoga & Sound

I regularly collaborate with sound therapists who use a variety of instruments to relax the nervous system. Sound holds space: a physical, vibrational, energetic space. Sound can help people access stillness with more ease when coupled with Restorative Yoga, and visa versa.

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