How Herbal Medicine Can Help

I have a background of experience in both Chinese and Western herbalism. The two are very different, as Chinese herbalism is based in a cannon of formulas and case studies that date back thousands of years. Western herbalism, on the other hand, hinges more on the constituents, the chemical makeup of the plants, as well as a spiritual relationship to the plants. In my practice, I intertwine my knowledge of both traditions, lending a uniquely comprehensive perspective to my formulas.

Beyond formally studying herbalism as a focus of my academic Doctorate, I spent nearly a decade working with herbs at Growing Heart Farm, a small organic farm which I co-found and managed. At the farm, I kept my own medicinal herb garden, and I engaged with the plants themselves. As a result, I know the plants intimately in connection to the earth, not just from books. Through this experience, I became devoted to herbal sourcing. I always make sure the herbs I prescribe to my patients are of the highest quality available.

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During my time at Growing Heart Farm, I expanded my passion for food as medicine. I founded and owned a company called Farm To Yoga, which brought yogis to farms for farm-to-table dinners, farm tours, and outdoor yoga practice. This is where I began to educate people about organic food and seasonal living, and I have since incorporated this education into my life as an acupuncturist and teacher. The best way to get healthy is to eat an organic, local and seasonal diet—to eat foods grown in season, in the climate where you live. This is the key to nourishing and balancing your body at each respective time of the year, and to creating harmony between body, climate, and season.

When patients and students work with me in the office, I craft custom herbal formulas, incorporate therapeutic essential oils into treatments, give nutritional recommendations, and encourage patients to establish deeper connections with their food. Whether you work with me in person or virtually, we can design a food plan, and, if necessary, an herb plan that will nourish you and help you achieve your health goals.